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Auger Conveyor

Auger Conveyor

Auger Conveyor  Information: 

Compared with other conveyor equipment, the bicephalous bearing of this auger conveyor from Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. has been installed outside the shell. The hanger bearing is a rolling and sheave interconnected structure with a dust-proof sealed appliance, the sealed material is nylon plastic which can give a better seal effect and enduring performance. Cleaning device is installed beside the discharge port. Low noise, agility adaption, easy handling and maintenance, flexible work location.

High capacity screw conveyor machine(also known as auger conveyor, screw conveyor, and spiral conveyor), is the main unit for mechanical transport operation of industry and agriculture, which uses motor to drive screw rotation and move material to achieve conveying purpose. Pipe screw conveyor is suitable for all industries such as building material, chemical industry, power industry, metallurgy, coal industry and grain industry, for horizontal or tilted transportation for powdery, granular and small lump materials, such as coal, dust, residue, cement and grain which their temperature is less than 200℃.

Auger Conveyor  Application:

1.Chemical industry:resin, pigment,cosmetic, coatings, chinese medicine powder

2.Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice noodle, milk powder,egg powder,sauce, syrup

3.Metallurgy, Mine industry: aluminum powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, welding rod powder

4.Medicinal industry: all kinds of medicine

5.Waste treatment: disposed oil, disposed water, disposed dye waste water, active carbon

Shaft less screw conveyor Information: 

Compared with traditional shaft screw conveyor, Shaft less screw conveyor adapts to non center shaft design, using a flexible steel spiral push material, which has the following advantages: strong anti winding. The spiral surface of fully enclosed transmission and easy cleaning, can ensure the sanitation and the material is not contaminated, no leakage, high torque, low energy consumption. Due to the fact that the screw is not provided with a shaft, the material is not easy to be blocked, the discharge port is not blocked, and the utility model can be operated at a lower speed, and the utility model has the advantages of smooth transmission and low energy consumption. The machine can work under high temperature. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, space saving, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, economy and durability.


The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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